1018 LZ QB Club Board Elections


If you are interested in running for a board position for the upcoming year (vice-president Sophomore, vice-president junior, president needs one year board experience), please e-mail Dennis Fitzgerald at dennis.fitzgerald@lzqbclub.com by Monday, November 13.

The Lake Zurich Quarterback Club needs you!
The LZQB Club is currently accepting applications for Board of Director and committee members for the 2017 season. Elections will be held at the November 17, 2016 meeting being held at LZHS in room 104A.
The Lake Zurich Quarterback Club (LZQBC) is a non- profit parent volunteer organization that supports the needs of the Lake Zurich High School (LZHS) Football Program.


The LZHS Football program has been successful, in not only winning football games but, more importantly, teaching our young men life lessons that will benefit them and their local communities now and into the future. The mission of the Lake Zurich Quarterback Club is to generate resources and support to assist the Lake Zurich High School Football Program.
The Board of Directors is comprised of elected Executive Officers (President and 2 vice presidents) and elected Non–Executive Officers (Secretary and Treasurer). The Board of Directors will have the authority to conduct all LZQBC business, including but not limited to entering into contracts, and receiving and disbursing money on behalf of the LZQBC as dictated by the LZQBC Bylaws.
The President will act as the LZQBC’s chief executive officer, preside at meetings, appoint committees, assure compliance with all elements of the LZQBC Constitution and Bylaws, assure all external compliance requirements are met, and will assure implementation of actions and decisions of the LZQBC Executives.
Vice President(s)
In the President’s absence, the vice president presiding is responsible for coordinating all activities being conducted by the club.  If both Vice Presidents are present, the VP with the non-graduated player in the graduating class closest to present day will be the primary coordinator.  If both VPs are from the same graduating class, then the VP with the most LZQBC experience would be the primary coordinator.