Camp Starts Monday, June 19!

Attire: Helmet, shoulder pads, practice jersey, black camp shorts, LZ t-shirt, girdle, cleats, tennis shoes, mouth guard. All equipment must be brought to and from camp as locker room is unavailable during the summer.

Time: Soph/Var 7-10:30 & Freshman 7:30-10
Players need to be ready to go at the start time, not arriving at the start time. Please plan accordingly as the main entrance and upper lot are closed. (See message below.)

The main summer entrance at the high school will be through the Performing Arts Center (door 15) on the north side of the building. Students may be dropped off or picked up from the bus lane in the PAC parking lot. For the safety of everyone, please make every effort to pick up or drop off your student from this location only.

Should the PAC parking lot be full, the senior parking lot (across from the softball field) is also available and door 7, the nearest door to the senior lot, will also be open for your convenience.