LZ Bears football recognition

In recent years, the District 95 Board of Education has made sure that at its monthly recognition it also recognizes athletic teams that bring home state trophies.  The football team was scheduled to be recognized at the Board’s December 21st meeting.  However, because of the size of the team and because of the large attendance at the regularly scheduled monthly recognition, our library does not have enough room to accommodate everyone being recognized.  We don’t want to make such recognition a burden for football families or for other families who are being recognized. 
In order to provide the football team the recognition it is due for a record-breaking year, we are scheduling the football team’s recognition for the January 11, 2018 Board meeting.  At that meeting the Board will be able to publicly spotlight the team’s accomplishments and allow team members and coaches to speak in support of the team.  We will also have some time for refreshments immediately afterward.