ABC Flyover Tomorrow Morning!

Hello Bear Fans!

We are looking forward to tomorrow’s ABC7 Friday Flyover at LZHS! The timeline for the morning is as follows:

5:00 am- Gates open and students begin to arrive at the LZHS Stadium

5:30 am- Students and staff begin to assemble on the field

5:40 am- First shot of the field by ABC7 (No student formation yet)

5:50 am- Prepare for first student formation

6:00 am- Chopper over stadium

6:17 am- Formation #1 with live shot from chopper

6:37 am- Formation #2 with live shot from chopper

6:50 am- Formation #3 with live shot from chopper


A few additional notes:

  • Students who wish to participate should arrive between 5 am and 5:45 am.
  • ABC7 will be taking additional live shots of students and staff throughout the morning.
  • Students and staff will participate in the formations on the field. Families and community members who wish to attend may watch from the stands if they wish.
  • Parking at LZHS will be open to students until 7 am. Any cars that are not labeled with LZHS parking tags will need to be moved out of the LZHS lots immediately after 7 am.